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In addition to face-to-face local maths tuition in Reading, I also offer online maths tuition, which is available to anyone in the world with a broadband internet connection.


I use an online collaborative whiteboard called BitPaperEach tutorial session has a unique URL address, which I share with the student via email. Once the link is clicked, the whiteboard can be accessed by logging into an account created with either Facebook or e-mail.

Please note: BitPaper only works with Google Chrome or Firefox browsers (Microsoft Explorer/Edge browsers are not compatible).

Audio and video for the tutorial can be initiated within BitPaper as this is an in-built feature. Alternatively, Skype can be used.

Here is a video explaining how BitPaper works:


The following is an actual screenshot showing a student's working using BitPaper.

Further Maths problem using BitPaper online collaborative whiteboard.


There are advantages and disadvantages to both face-to-face and online tuition. However, online tuition is proving to be very popular with many parents, and with the latest technology and fast broadband becoming the standard, the difference between working face-to-face and online tuition is much smaller than it was in the past.

With online tuition:

You have a tutor that meets all of your requirements instead of having to choose whoever is available locally.

Lessons can be saved and recommenced at any time.

Today's generation of teenagers are very tech savvy and feel comfortable with technology.

Should they wish, parents can more easily monitor what is being taught and how.

BSc (Hons) Maths Qualified

DBS Checked

7-Years Tutoring Experience

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" After the mock exams in year 11 it was apparent that my daughter would never achieve a grade 4 in her GCSE maths exam...  Luckily we found Carl!!  Thanks to Carl, within a few months her confidence grew in maths.  I'm happy to report that she did achieve a grade 4 in her GCSE maths and this has enabled her to enroll on the college course she had an offer for (incidentally, most courses require the minimum of a grade 4).  If you child is struggling with maths, no matter what level they are at then I would thoroughly recommend Carl as a personal maths tutor.  :-) "



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Student's working using BitPaper.