About Me


Having graduated from university in 1999, I followed a career within the pharmaceutical industry monitoring and reporting adverse events from both trial and marketed drugs (pharmacovigilance).



In 2012 I decided this line of work was not fulfilling and wanted to follow a career I felt passionate about instead. I therefore worked part time as a local maths tutor in Reading whilst completing a maths degree. Having enjoyed the experience of tutoring maths so much, I decided that this was what I wanted to pursue full time. 



I have a BSc (Hons) degree in Mathematics from the Open University and a BSc (Hons) degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Southampton.

What I do

I specialise in one-to-one private maths tuition at key Stage 3, GCSE, Further/Additional GCSE and AS/A Level for all examination boards (AQA, Edexcel and OCR) in North Reading, Caversham and surrounding areas. I offer both face-to-face and online tuition.

 My Approach


My aim is to build confidence by introducing concepts from first principles rather than assuming previous knowledge, and to identify any gaps or weaknesses prior to tackling textbook exercises and past examination questions. I treat my students as young adults, not children, and believe this creates the best atmosphere for learning.



I offer a tailored approach – designed to meet the learning needs of each individual student. I have a calm and understanding manner and encourage active learning in which students attempt to tackle each step of a solution for themselves. 


I offer a half hour no-obligation FREE trial for all prospective students. This gives the student the opportunity to decide whether or not they would like to continue tuition, and enables me to identify areas of strength and weakness. It is important to have the right fit when looking for a tutor, and so this is my way of ensuring you can make this decision without having to commit to weekly tuition or pay any fees.

I have an Enhanced DBS (formerly CRB) Certificate that I will present at the first session.


Why me?

 This is the part where I tell you how brilliant I am and why you should only hire me! The truth is that there are a number of things you need to keep in mind when considering a tutor. Obviously they need to have a mastery of their subject, but equally important is how they communicate that knowledge to those who are only just getting their heads around new and often abstract concepts.


Although a generalisation, some tutors (who may be exceptionally good at maths), can struggle to explain something that seems so trivial to them. It helps, therefore, if a tutor has found a particular topic challenging in the past themselves. I fall into this category, and is why I have always found maths so rewarding. I can usually see what students are not understanding even before they have said anything. I then explain how I was able to understand myself - most of the time by thinking about it in a completely different way.



In addition, in order for learning to take place, and be successful at maths, students have to feel at ease and not under threat of saying something 'stupid'. I make it clear that in order to learn anything you have to 'fail' repeatedly, which includes saying things that might seem silly. I encourage this, as I've often asked and said the same things myself.

Finally, I really enjoy working with young people. I find them genuine, funny and I can relate to their concerns about school, exams and being a teenager.

Please see my testimonials to read what other people are saying about my maths tuition.


BSc (Hons) Maths Qualified

DBS Checked

7-Years Tutoring Experience

Travel To Your Home

Half Hour FREE Trial

Due to personal issues my son missed a lot of maths lessons and had fallen behind in year 10. Carl went through everything that Jack had missed and really engaged with him. Jack really enjoyed his lessons with Carl and moved from 3rd set to top set Maths and got an A grade at GCSE. I can't thank Carl enough for all that he did and I would highly recommend him."



" Carl tutored both my children through IGCSE and A level maths. His exceptional tutoring helped my daughter get an A* in maths this year. Carl is patient, kind and worked really well with both my children."



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